QUIGLEY: Republicans Urge Voters to Watch the Entire Debate

Submitted by Dan Quigley, RTC Chair

The Greenwich Republican Party and its candidates urge Greenwich voters to watch the recent League of Women Voters Debates in their entirety. It is the single, best way for voters to inform themselves about each candidate’s positions during this election campaign.

Yesterday, the League took the unprecedented step of calling out various political action groups for misusing League debate footage in violation of rules that both political parties agreed to. These groups, Indivisible Greenwich and Greenwich Voices for Democracy are well known to be closely politically aligned with the Democratic Town Committee.

Answers by Republican candidates were professionally edited into fragmented soundbites so as to deliberately mislead the public. One of these political groups presented this edited footage as an “honest” and “complete and accurate representation” of the candidate’s responses to questions
posed by the League. A review of the debate recording and the
League’s concerns would suggest otherwise.

The RTC has abided by the rules set forth by the League with regard to use of the debate content by posting the debate in its entirety on our social media platforms. This makes it possible for Greenwich residents to watch online so that they can listen and judge for themselves.

We respect the League of Women Voters. They have a one-hundred-year track record of promoting democracy in our community, and they are an advocate for a healthy public discourse. That is why we and our candidates have abided by their rules.

Local and state Democrats have run our State via one party rule for a decade, and Connecticut’s economy has suffered throughout that period. They do not have a record to run on so their strategy is to take the focus away from state and local issues that matter most to our constituents and make our local races about national issues. They are seriously underestimating the intelligence and sophistication of Greenwich voters, who are well informed and well read.

We are very confident in our candidates. While watching a full debate, instead of a politically edited and incomplete version, requires a time commitment, we feel it is a worthwhile effort that will provide valuable insight toward helping voters make an informed decision about these very important local elections.

Dan Quigley
RTC Chair