Quiet Yards Greenwich: Not leaving Greenwich in the dust

Submitted by Quiet Yards Greenwich

On December 11, the RTM will vote on a proposal introduced by Quiet Yards Greenwich to restrict gas leaf blower use on residential properties from May 1 – September 30, annually.

This proposal is meant to give residents a few months break from the constant noise and toxic fumes.

Photo credit: J. Cordulack, organicways.org

Some residents and landscapers may want to purchase electric leaf blowers to use in the summer months to clean off decks and other hardscape surfaces.

In order to alleviate the cost of purchasing new electric blowers, Quiet Yards Greenwich has reached out to supporters and has private pledges for funding a rebate program that could be used to help offset the cost of initial electric leaf blower purchases.

The support that has been pledged exceeded what we originally thought possible.

We have also secured a committed matching grant.

We are in talks with a local not-for-profit institution to help with the distribution of funds.

We encourage anyone wishing to make a donation to contact us at [email protected].