LETTER: Pay Attention to how candidates relate to those in their communities

Submitted by Xae Reyes, PhD, Riverside

Dear Editor, 

As we enter a campaign season in the middle of great difficulties – economic challenges and a health pandemic that has precipitated those, among them – the need to pay greater attention to candidates and their focus on the great difficulties Connecticut was already facing is more important than ever. 

As a Greenwich resident, a senior, an educator, and a mother, I am paying greater attention to how those aspiring to or serving in political office relate to those in their communities.

Our families are saddled by a remarkably high cost of living, unreasonably high taxes, and dimming job prospects. There has never been a greater need for diverse and younger voices in Hartford. It has become especially important to elect candidates who are committed to serving the variety of communities that can propel our economy forward in robust unity. The issues that have divided us nationally summon fresh perspectives that can help bring us together to overcome the challenges we face, and which seem to overwhelm us disproportionately in Connecticut. 

Over the last few weeks, as candidates have entered this unusual campaign season, it has been great to see Greenwich Representative Town Meeting member and Connecticut State Senate candidate Ryan Fazio engage people across different segments of our community – not just here but also in neighboring Stamford and New Canaan – it cultivates the type of trust we need to feel we can have in our representatives. It has been great observing his optimism and commitment to the Nutmeg state at a time when most young people have looked for opportunities elsewhere. I am happy to join my family in their support for Ryan and encourage others to consider supporting him this November as well.

Xae Reyes, PhD