LETTER: Meskers is an invaluable asset in Hartford.

Submitted by Sally Shulman, Old Greenwich

I met Steve Meskers in front of Old Greenwich School over 20 years ago. Knowing that I was new to the area, he immediately took me under his wing and made me feel welcomed. Steve is someone who truly cares not only about the big picture, but each and every one in his community.

I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be re-elected more than Steve. He is smart, funny and generously devotes his time and energy wherever and whenever it is needed.

He has done it all! The schools, sports, and government, you name it. He has been a member of the RTM for over 18 years.

His colleagues on the RTM will tell you how committed he is to our town and our residents. He works well with Democrats and Republicans alike. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve has worked tirelessly to connect our local businesses with state resources. He continues to send out daily updates with invaluable information in a calm, factual manner.

After a 30-year career in Finance and Banking, Steve has been an invaluable asset in Hartford. His finance skills make him particularly well suited to address the unpaid pension obligations and necessary infrastructure costs that are holding our state back.

Steve will continue to support environmental protection legislation and gun control. He has gone after third-party energy providers for unscrupulous sales practices. Steve voted against the state budget demonstrating his willingness to vote against his party when it does not coincide with the interests of his constituents.

Steve is a true independent. He works for us, not a party or a select few. Let’s support Stephen Meskers for re-election to the 150th this November.

Sally Shulman
Old Greenwich

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