LETTER: Improved GHS Graduation Rates are Suspect

Submitted by Dr. Evan L. Delman, Greenwich

Dear Editor:

It is ironic that on 13 November the Greenwich Time published an article on the subject of the Greenwich High School graduation rate. Just a short time ago the superintendent of the public school system, and every member of the Board of Education, was sent multiple emails on that subject. Since all emails were ignored, the Board of Education was addressed publicly at the 19 October meeting that was held at Central Middle School.

It seems the graduation rate was improved, at least in part, by graduating a student that never attended class in her final year in the Greenwich Public School System. This student had a 100% absentee rate, had not attempted or submitted a single assignment in class, or on line. Yet this student was graduated with a full Greenwich High School diploma.

How was this allowed? The School administration directed a teacher to email the student a quiz with the answers attached. The student then returned the completed quiz via email back to the teacher. The teacher was directed to pass the student so that she could be graduated. This all occurred at the objection of the teacher.

Is this an isolated incident?

Only partly; many students are graduated by the Greenwich High School having grossly violated the attendance policy. Most students are held to this policy, however a select few are allowed to ignore it. These students did not have medical waivers, or other forms of acceptable justification.

Why were the emails ignored? Why was the public meeting concern ignored?

The Greenwich School system has excellent teachers, and the students do a great job. To allow a handpicked few to skirt the system cheapens the value of a Greenwich High diploma. To allow the administration to force a teacher to violate ethics and moral standards is unacceptable.

Why has no action been taken?

Do we want to make the diploma available to the highest bidder just to improve the graduation rate? When honor, integrity and respect are traded for numbers on paper, people need to be held accountable.