LETTER: Grants for Registrars Will Protect and Strengthen Our Electoral Process

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Greenwich

A democracy depends on effective, efficient and civil election voting and citizen participation.

I urge all RTM members to quell the noise surrounding this vote and instead seriously weigh and consider acceptance of the two grants totaling $510,000.  These grants will support the work of our Registrars Fred de Caro and Mary Hegarty, a bipartisan Republican and Democrat team who work together to ensure unbiased, free and fair elections.

We place our trust in public officials when we vote for them.  Both Mr. de Caro and Ms. Hegarty support acceptance of these grants and I trust them.  Their work for the Town of Greenwich thus far has proved excellent to even be recognized to merit these grants.

RTM: please vote to accept these grants to protect and strengthen our electoral process.

Monica Prihoda