LETTER: Fazio will bring a spirit of bipartisanship to Hartford

Submitted by Sara Selbert Savov

Two years ago, I was a registered Democrat. Although I had previously been a Republican, I was turned off by the tone from our former President (who wasn’t?), and my life as a Republican seemed destined for the rearview mirror. Then, I started to pay more attention to state and local politics. And that is where my path of return to the Republican Party began to materialize.

I watched as our wonderful First Selectman Fred Camillo dealt with a once in a lifetime crisis with such class and dignity. Fred has not only been a great leader in a time of crisis, but also a collaborative one who has broad support throughout our community. I have also had a chance to work closely with both Fred and Selectwoman Lauren Rabin on Re-Imagine Greenwich, and it has been an incredible experience.

During this time, I met and got to know Ryan Fazio. Ryan is young, smart and someone who cares a great deal about our community. He has worked extensively to give back to those who’s needs are greatest. Whether delivering Meals On Wheels to homebound seniors, distributing masks throughout our state during the pandemic or tutoring young people from local urban communities, Ryan has displayed his passion for helping others.

Politically, I believe that Ryan, like Fred and Lauren, is the kind of Republican whose ideas will appeal to a broad range of voters. If elected, he will bring a spirit of bipartisanship to Hartford. Ryan is most definitely not a “radical” or an “extremist”. He’s a good guy who believes that he has the right ideas to make our state work better.

I have re-registered as a Republican, returning to my own political roots. I did this because of people like Fred, Lauren and Ryan. They represent the values that drew me to the Republican party in the first place. They have each proven that you can be a Republican and also advocate for the environment, robust public education and smarter solutions toward achieving more affordable housing. They have also shown that Republicanism is not synonymous with divisiveness.

We are living in polarized political times, and each side has its extremes. I don’t believe any of the candidates running for state senate are extreme. I also salute each of them for stepping into the spotlight and running at all. It isn’t an easy thing to do and they all deserve our thanks. I do however want to advocate on behalf of Ryan Fazio because I believe he is the right choice for this position, at this important moment in time. I hope you will vote for
him on August 17th.


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