LETTER: Camillo Inspired Me as a Mentor

Letter to the editor from Nikita Marino, Greenwich

“Leadership is not a position or title; it is an action and an example.” (unknown).

My curiosity got sparked when I was 12 years young, and in seventh grade at Greenwich Catholic School. As part of the science curriculum, I had to create a science project that will make a difference in humanity. I found an idea, and after many days and months of hard work, experiments, research, conference calls, testing all with the mentorship of recognized professionals from Greenwich, and a scientist director at MIT, I created a new concept of a toothpaste that is in the process to be patented, and the year after, I created a unique vitamin. I was exposed to international and recognized mentors.

The continuous research and observations about what is need it, brought me to create a new product, “FootShell,” a proven cream that eliminates the odor and “stinky” smell of feet and shoes, already selling online and in Amazon. All these experiences and constant encouragement of my older brother, brought me to understand the resources we have around. One day I had the privilege to meet a leader that has been in the Connecticut House of Representatives: Fred Camillo.

I met him at a ceremony at the beginning of this year. I heard his ideas and plans, and I felt impacted by his tranquility, security, and knowledge about the facts he mentioned during his presentation. After this event, I decided I would contact him for advice. It took me a few days to find him. He agreed to meet with me and my mom with the purpose to hear his advice and ideas regarding my product as a young entrepreneur.

I wanted to tell him my story, and to express him my challenges and my goals. He listened very attentively, he gave me his suggestions and advice over my ideas and encouraged me to keep working persistently and continuously steady. After this initial meeting, I looked for him in other public venues where he was imprinting his knowledge and solutions, where I could learn more from him and his supporters.

After following his suggestions, I have improved my business, I understand more about my relationship with my government officials, and I feel we the young generations of Greenwich, have a bright future with leaders like him.

Nikita Marino