Khanna: Statement Regarding the Elementary School Shooting in Texas

Submitted by Rachel Khanna, Candidate for State Representative for the 149th District

Yesterday the country experienced another school shooting. Another senseless tragedy that has
taken the lives of 19 elementary school students and 2 teachers. The 18-year-old shooter is also
dead. This is the 199th mass shooting in America this year. (1)

There is no other developed country that experiences gun violence like ours. This is a uniquely
American problem that we must solve now. That starts with common-sense gun regulations at the
federal level that shift the balance from the right to own guns to the right to live without fear of
being shot and killed wherever we are on any given day.

Connecticut is fortunate to have strong gun safety laws and legislative leaders who remain
vigilant in protecting us. This must remain our priority, as government’s first obligation to its
citizens is to keep us safe.

1 It’s 21 weeks into the year and America has already seen 213 mass shootings