Letter: Bernstein is an experienced leader with energy and passion

Letter to the editor from Brad Frankel and Jim McElwain

Four years ago we supported Peter Bernstein’s candidacy for the Board of Education; we support him even more strongly four years later.

We served with Peter as class dads for our children in Kindergarten. Peter then continued his leadership at the school level as PTA President, then at the district level as a Board of Education member. Through this experience, he is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of our school system.

Peter is known as a Board member who masters the complex policy details but maintains a focus on supporting the success of our students so that they can reach their potential.

For four years, Peter has maintained his integrity while collaborating with the new Superintendent and fellow Board members to drive results for our children. By establishing priorities to maximize resources and use taxpayer finds efficiently, he has been a fiscally responsible Board member.

Peter is an experienced leader with the energy and passion to strive toward the common goals we all share: appropriately challenging and supporting our children to provide them the opportunity to grow into the best people they can be.

Vote for Peter Bernstein on November 7th!

Brad Frankel
Jim McElwain