Imbrogno: I Am Not An Extremist

Submitted by Larry Imbrogno, Old Greenwich

I was a candidate for District 6 RTM (Old Greenwich) this past election. While I was disappointed that I did not win a seat, I was more disappointed that I was labeled an “extremist.”

I am hoping to clear up a few things that were indirectly said about me during the election process.

Firstly, I was not selected by a group to run. In actuality, I decided to do this on my own a few years ago, including running for a seat in the RTM’s special election a few years back. A claim was made by a group that “an independent research and vetting process of candidates” to help citizens figure out who to vote for; however, none of the registered republican candidates in District 6 received this. The list was not bi-partisian as claimed.

I’d like to share with the community who I am as the name-calling is appalling and just another unfortunate part of the rhetoric being spread around town.

I have lived in Greenwich all my life, my roots are deep as a 4th generation resident. My family has worked for the town government for 91 consecutive years, 24 of which are mine. I have two children in the public school system, so school infrastructure, operations, and support for teachers are especially important to me.

I deeply care about my Old Greenwich community and friends as well as my family and friends all over town, particularly on the West Side where I grew up. I volunteer coaching youth sports and serve on community boards.  I fully support the OGS and CMS renovations. I support the town receiving “free money” for projects such as the multi-use path (bike/walking path) connecting Binney Park in OG to Boccuzzi Park in Stamford.

I support all town departments receiving the proper funding to operate effectively and efficiently, as well as all bargaining contracts for town employees.

Most importantly, I support a resident’s ability to question.

After all, we have a civic duty as residents to help our elected officials make decisions, not just leave it up to them. They need our feedback, our questions.

I value doing our own research when it comes to what’s happening in our town, and not rely on others telling us to trust us and everything will be ok. This is our town, our children and I stand up for doing the right thing.