HIGBIE: Jonathan Olsson Hasn’t Even Met Me

Letter to the editor from Carl Higbie, Greenwich

In response to the opinion letter written by Jonathan Olsson (OLSSON: I’m a Write-In Because Carl Higbie is Otherwise Guaranteed a Spot on the RTM October 20, 2019) (and local liberals more generally) which I would rather sum up with a single emoji, I wanted address some of the now monotonous accusations and criticism continuously lobbed my way. I think Mr. Olsson made the salient point for me, “I have not met Mr. Higbie.” (shows a lack of effort considering he can’t live much more than a mile from me in district 8).

He then more incredibly, goes on to highlight that the limited information he does know about me is cursory at best, sourced from click bait headlines and my twitter feed, but feels that level of in-depth investigation is enough to judge me and drive me from the town square with a pitchfork. Funnily enough I got forwarded this article from several people in our district with a message to the general effect of…”this guy is, literally, the worst” (in its PG version) so I’m not terribly worried about his low opinion.

As I have said repeatedly, I am here to work and address the issues facing our town. Greenwich is in the process of raising the mill rate (i.e. your property taxes are going up), while simultaneously facing a mass exodus from some of our highest paying tax areas (just ask a real estate agent how much of Belle Haven is for sale or vacant). I want to work to help fix our community and I have the experience and skills to be a constructive voice in that conversation.

You can personally attack me all you want (at this point I’ve heard it all and just don’t care anymore). I’m not the type of person to sit back while my community is rapidly slipping towards financial crisis. I also find it interesting that not a single one of my critics have attempted to raise any actual issues or state policies why they are a better option. Their only weapon is to attack my character based on a few soundbites from 8 years ago on radio upon returning from war.

Now Mr. Olsson is also right, that the RTM is not a partisan organization and I will say I have no intention of changing that…or wanting it to change. His own party however has not observed this tradition. The CT Democratic party (in their infinite wisdom) thought it would be appropriate to allocate YOUR donations to produce and stream a Facebook ad against me… (Keep in mind I am literally running for the lowest elected office…ever. Shouldn’t they be worried about their multitude of other failures on a state level). I am just so curious to hear the life stories and hardships of these morally censorious warriors. It must be nice to be so perfect.

The truth is many of these local Democrats are bullies. You see, most conservatives, like me, believe that liberals are generally good people just with bad policy ideas (trust me, my mother in law is a liberal). On the flip side, most liberals, as I have learned don’t share that. They genuinely believe that people with opposing views from theirs are bad people… not so tolerant. As I have said numerous times, I am happy to meet any/all of my critics for a cup of coffee, debate or even a workout so you can make up your own mind about me.

To date the only liberal brave enough to take me up on the offer is now a great friend and the first person to sign my petition for the RTM.

I know to a lot of people I am just a concept, a headline, maybe viewed as an embodiment of their nightmare of Trump himself.

I’m not. I’m a life-long Greenwich resident, a father of two, military veteran and respected member of my community (well those who have actually met me Jonathan). Generally, I would encourage everyone to think a little bit more about our neighbors as human beings and not make judgements based on a distillation of headlines and what you are told to think.

So let me be clear, I’m not one to be intimidated. I will not be bullied by Jonathan Olsson and his groupies. When I am elected you can be assured that I’m not here to make political statements or start fights, I am here to enforce what I believe is the best recipe for success; Limited government, maximum freedom to make Greenwich an awesome community to raise my family in.

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor regarding candidates in the Nov 5 municipal election is Tuesday Oct 29 at 5pm.