HESS: Ryan Fazio is always focused on solutions

Submitted by Debra Hess, Greenwich

I have been able to get to know my State Senator, Ryan Fazio, over the past couple of year and I find he is not your typical politician. Ryan doesn’t look to push a partisan agenda, but rather to provide constructive solutions to the problems facing Connecticut. He offers those solutions after thoughtfully analyzing the issues and consulting with experts. He takes his responsibility as a Senator very seriously.

Ryan wants Connecticut to live up to its potential, so he does not shy away from going on the record. In fact, in his first year, he submitted over 30 bills aimed at solving the state’s biggest problems. He advanced a bill on curriculum transparency long before the viral video of an assistant principal at Cos Cob School talking about indoctrination became famous. Ryan’s bill would require school districts to put online course materials so parents can easily know what is be taught. Sounds simple but it is an intelligent solution to help parents.

Senator Fazio serves on the Aging Committee as the lead Republican senator and worked with Democrats to stop regulations that would have jeopardized senior’s access to home care companions and nurses. He also reached across the aisle again to co-sponsor a law which extended the statute of limitations for crimes against the elderly.

That is Senator Ryan Fazio–not letting politics get in the way of doing what is right for Connecticut’s residents. If you want a reliable Senator who is honestly working to fix the problems facing Connecticut and can reach across the aisle, then Ryan Fazio is your choice.

He is my choice when I vote in the election on November 8th. Please join me in support of Ryan.