Farricker: Tesei and Toner Cynically Manipulate Sexual Exploitation to Pander for Votes

Letter to the editor submitted by Frank Farricker, Oct 31,2017

I read with disgust numerous press accounts regarding Sandy Litvack, and his employment at Disney which almost 20 years ago paralleled that of Harvey Weinstein.

I never thought Peter Tesei, and more shockingly John Toner, would cynically manipulate and distort the real and serious fact of sexual exploitation to pander for votes.

And to state that Mr Litvack’s management of an entity several hundreds of the size of Greenwich was flawed due to the terrible actions of one affiliated person is rich coming from Peter Tesei, considering his looking away at the allegedly well known sexual exploitation by Chris von Keyserling, an instance of which allegedly took place in his very office and the victim was his very employee.

Or the graft and theft that took place in his very office by people in his hand picked parking office.

Enough is enough with cynical politicians like Peter Tesei. Time for them to go.

Frank Farricker

Editor’s Note: The deadline for letters to the editor for candidates in the Nov 7 election was Oct 31, 2017