Effros: Stadium Pre-Application Virtual Meeting Requires Unsafe Software to Participate

Letter to the Editor submitted by Bill Effros, April 6, 2020

“No member of the public shall be required, as a condition to attendance at a meeting, to register his name, or furnish other information, or complete a questionnaire or otherwise fulfill any condition precedent to his attendance.” – Connecticut Open Meetings Law

More than 100,000 Americans who do not have the Coronavirus today, will die from it before the end of this summer.

25% of our workforce will soon be unemployed.

50% of our small businesses are closed, never to reopen.

Mortgage defaults will pile up at a rate that dwarfs 2008.

Retirement savings have disappeared.

People on fixed incomes have been financially crushed.

Many closed malls, theaters, and sports facilities, will never reopen.

Municipal, State and Federal Tax receipts are shriveling.

Public Education budgets have been decimated.

50% of American school children have no access to stay-at-home schooling.

Public Schools will not reopen for a long, long time.

A world-wide depression has begun to unleash a spiral of poverty.

The Town of Greenwich Board of Education, in its infinite wisdom, has decided its top priority, in this time of crisis, is to “Fast Track” a $50 million-dollar high school football stadium.

At 5:00pm on April 7, 2020, The Town of Greenwich Board of Education plans to present a “pre application review” of the “Cardinal Stadium Project” to the Town of Greenwich Planning and Zoning Commission, at a “virtual meeting” that will require the public to use software that has been banned by the City of New York and flagged by the FBI because it is not safe – the software requires all users to risk their personal security, as well as the security of every computer attached to their home and business networks in order to attend the virtual meeting.

In violation of the Connecticut Open Meetings Law, all participants in Town of Greenwich virtual meetings must register confidential security information with unknown third-party registrars; and agree to allow anyone connected to the software to view and alter personal files and settings on their personal and business computers.  Additionally, each participant must obtain specific approval from local government officials who, likewise, will be able to review and alter participants’ security information before deciding, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not any member of the public can join the meeting.

The material presented by the Board of Education to The Planning and Zoning Commission, without public review, is materially false.

The meeting violates Greenwich Town Charter “Municipal Improvements” Section 99.

The meeting violates the terms of a Court Order signed by The Town of Greenwich; The Town of Greenwich Board of Education; The Town of Greenwich Planning and Zoning Commission; and Greenwich Public Schools.

Please be advised that I will file a complaint with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission asking the Commission to stop the Town of Greenwich from convening this, and all other non-essential meetings in violation of the Connecticut Open Meetings Law.

Bill Effros