Dunham: Why I am voting for Fred Camillo on Nov 6

Submitted by Wheatleigh Dunham, Greenwich

I am voting for Fred Camillo on November 6 election day because I know from direct personal experience he solidly stands behind our families and community.

It has been a great joy to develop a personal relationship with Fred the old-fashioned way. Eyeball to eyeball. Baseball cap tip to tip.

Fred and I don’t always agree but we talk over coffee. I learned he drove a truck like my dad.  I learned he’s a baseball umpire and loves his shepherd.  Fred is here working for all of us. No canned emails or polite nods.

I was a lifelong Democrat and vote Democratic nationally, especially the Senate and House this coming election. I became a registered Independent only, and reluctantly, after two new Democratic members of our Board of Education voted to ignore science and duck out of a debate. One had a legitimate conflict. The other?  Both voted no to changing later, medically recommended start times. All six other Republicans and Democrats voted yes to protect our kids.  I’ll keep that in mind.

To me, “run” for office – step out on the field. A party top leadership that endorses silent appointees with no spine or willing to ignore science is not mine to belong. I look forward to returning when corrected.

With gratitude and humility, I have served as volunteer firefighter for most of the past decade.  An honor to in small ways serve this wonderful adopted committee with brothers and sisters from both sides of the political spectrum. Fires, storms and car crashes don’t ask voting questions or discriminate.

Fred has sponsored and passed critical state legislation to protect first responders so we, career and volunteer, together can more safely and effectively respond to you and your families.

On later school start times,  Fred intently read and followed the science supported by the CDC, AMA and American Academy of Pediatrics. Fred didn’t take the easy way out and took some real hard hits. He followed the medical evidence, believed in the full unlocked potential of our kids, not adult conveniences or wallets.

Fred is the hardest working person in politics I have ever met. That says all I need to know. He is not doing his job going through the motions.

He’s out shaking hands daily, asking about the homebound, the young performing artist, the swimmer and neighborhood gardener – a constant devotion to serving the people of Greenwich name by name.

Fred is not perfect. He is not always correct. Nor am I.  I do know Fred has an unwavering commitment to listening and acting as he sees right.

Fred is here for our children, elders, animals – all of us.  I see it with my own eyes. This is why I am voting for Fred.

Wheatleigh Dunham

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