Debra Hess: Bocchino Is Responsive to Needs of Greenwich Community

Submitted by Debra Hess, newly elected Republican Greenwich BET member, Jan 3, 2018

We are fortunate to have Mike Bocchino representing us in the 150th district. He is proactive and responsive to the needs of our community.

The rehabilitation of the train station in Old Greenwich is under the authority of the state Department of Transportation (CTDOT). However, it is critical that our community is safe while we undergo this rehabilitation.

During a morning run in November, I saw Mike Bocchino meeting with the CTDOT, construction manager (Manafort Construction) and the Town Department of Public Works.

Mike Bocchino was responding to the many inquiries he received regarding the unsafe conditions for pedestrians. He coordinated a meeting and worked collaboratively with the CTDOT and Manafort to have barriers installed along each sidewalk. At that same time, existing lighting that needed to be repaired was identified and corrected as well.

I am grateful to have Mike Bocchino as our state representative. Thank you Mike, the CTDOT and Manafort Construction for addressing our concerns and creating a safer passage for our residents, commuters and children.