RMA Featured Speaker: Thomas Dyja on his book, “New York, New York

The RMA’s speaker on Wednesday, April 7 will be Thomas Dyja, who will talk about his just published book “New York, New York, New York: Four Decades of Excess, Success, and Transformation.”

The talk is co-sponsored with Greenwich Library in cooperation with Diane’s Books.


Mr. Dyja’s book is a sweeping account of the city’s metamorphosis from the doldrums ofthe1970s to the present, a New York that is (at least pre-Covid) wealthier, healthier, safer,and greener than ever. He will speak about the excesses of New York’s high and low societies and how they have affected the city of today.

Amaster urbanist, Dyja will dissect the multiple forces that have revitalized the city,often with surprising results.He will assess the impact of strong-willed mayors, visionary city officials, powerful philanthropists, and dedicated reformers who were catalysts for change. His study offers an analysis of initiatives to improve the quality of life: falling crime rates, cleaner more reliable subways, affordable housing, the reclamation of parks and public spaces and more. He also shows the impact of technology and big data on city management and the effects of massive immigration on neighborhoods. He also considers some of the downsides of change,such as police overreach and historic income inequality.

Dyja will also highlight the New Yorkers who made this city a de facto capital of the world: from Hip Hop crews to Wall Street bankers; from Tina Brown, Andy Warhol, Woody Allen, Donald Trump, and Michael Bloomberg, to hipsters, community organizers, immigrants, and more. The program is structured to offer the audience ample opportunity to pose questions about this dynamic period in New York’s cultural and political history.

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