Meet Artist and Author Peter Arguimbeau at Christ Church’s Dogwood Books

Christ Church’s Dogwood Books invites you to a free book talk and reception on Thursday, June 20, at 6:30 pm. Meet the Artist and Author, Peter Arguimbeau, His Life, Love of the Sea and Painting and Book Signing: “Rembrandt’s Lost Secret.”

Peter Layne Arguimbau is a renowned marine painter, celebrated for his realistic paintings of boats and seascapes. The focus of his life’s work has been applying his skill through his love of the sea, producing masterpieces of America’s Cup contenders to every class of vessel ranging from fine racing sloops, schooners, catboats, and dinghies. A Luminist painter, restorer, and historian of classical art, he also paints portraits, animals, and landscapes.

Arguimbeau’s works evoke a deep emotional response. His paintings convey the solitude and majesty of the sea, the hardiness of seafarers, and the timeless beauty of maritime landscapes. Viewers often feel a connection to the sea through his work, as if transported to the scene itself.

At eight years old, he began grinding colored pigments on a marble slab, beginning a lifelong pursuit of the oil painting techniques of the Dutch Masters. He studied under Frank Mason at the Art Students League of New York for 14 years.  Versed in Spanish and Italian, he traveled abroad for three years to study the Baroque Era in Florence, Rome and Naples, as well as Hellenistic Classicism in Athens, Olympia, and Delphi.

Peter sails on S/Y Molly Rose, a 30-foot catboat built in 1935, that he frequently uses as his summer studio.  He regularly lectures and demonstrates on the technical evolution of oil painting of the Renaissance.