Car Crashes after Backing out of Chabad Pre School Driveway

A woman driving a Honda Accord was taken away by ambulance on the morning of Sept 26 after a two car crash on Lincoln Avenue near Mason Street.

The crash took place outside the driveway of the Chabad preschool at 7 Lincoln Avenue after a woman driving a Mazda CX5 backed out into traffic from the preschool driveway and hit the Honda Accord.

The crash happened about 9:30am.

According to Lt Slusarz, the Honda was traveling west on Lincoln Ave when the Mazda backed south into traffic.

Slusarz said the Mazda driver was automatically at fault.

“A car backing out of a driveway has to yield the right of way to everyone already in the roadway, whether it is a pedestrian, a car or a motorcycle on the road,” Slusarz said. “You have to yield the right of way.”