LETTER: Why I’m Supporting Alexis Gevanter for State Senate 36th District

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich

To the Editor:

While I am a representative of the RTM in Old Greenwich District 6 this endorsement is my own and not that of the RTM.

Why am I voting for Alexis Gevanter to represent me in the 36th District in the State of Connecticut?

Because Ms. Gevanter walks the talk, not talks the walk as her opponent so disingenuously does in his writing, his Tweets and Facebook pages, many of them “wiped clean” for better presentation.

Because all the issues Ms. Gevanter believes in and will work for in Hartford which her Republican opponent Mr. Fazio does not:

1. Trusting the science of Covid disease prevention and minimizing its spread by wearing masks and lockdowns to save lives.

2.  Supporting working families with living wages and paid leave.

3.  Supporting a woman’s agency of her own body and same sex-marriage.

4.  Supporting the basic human right to health care including protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

5.  Supporting stronger sensible gun regulation – as exemplified by her leadership role in Moms Demand Action which  includes working with the Police to better protect themselves and those they serve to protect.

6.  Facing racism and sexism where it exists.

7.  Supporting sustainable energy to address the reality of Climate Change we see everywhere – including Connecticut with its rising sea levels, temperature swings and more violent storms.

8.  Supporting the accessibility of the democratic right to vote and opposing restrictions on that right of all citizens.

9.  Alexis Gevanter will repudiate Trumpism – her opponent does not.

These reasons and more are why I am voting for Alexis Gevanter and I sincerely hope you consider her as well.

Monica Prihoda

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