UPDATE: Weekend Motor Vehicle Larcenies in Mianus Park Were Crimes of Opportunity

Update, 9:00am, Feb 21: According to Greenwich Police Dept Sergeant John Slusarz, all three cars entered on Saturday morning in the Mianus Park area had been left unlocked.

“We’ve been getting sporadic reports of cars being entered throughout the town, but mostly on east end, and it’s always cars that are left unlocked,” Sergeant Slusarz said.

“We put patrols out in neighborhoods during the overnight ours. But whoever is doing this will hide behind the car, and when the police move on to the next street, they pull the doors and try to get into cars.”

On Jan 15, Greenwich Police arrested a trio for Larcenies from Motor Vehicles on the east end of town (Suspects Arrested in String of Larcenies from Cars On East Side of Greenwich). Richard Victorio Salinas, 20, of 40 Mulberry Street in Stamford and Jason Octavio Aguilar, 18, and a juvenile were arrested after being located by an officer on patrol in the area of Bonwit Road and Gerald Court.

Sergeant Slusarz said that despite those arrests, this type of crime is trending in Greenwich and beyond.

“You’d be surprised at things people leave in their cars – purses, wallets, money, computers and other valuables,” Slusarz continued. “These are all crimes of opportunity. They’ll rifle through cars until they find something. It’s an easy crime to commit. It’s quick.”

“We’re not seeing damage to cars. People are just pulling on door handles to see if doors are open. The best offense is a good defense. Lock your car, especially if you’re leaving it on the street or in proximity to the street, and don’t leave valuables in the car.” – Sergeant John Slusarz

Police advise residents not to become complacent if they’re in the habit of leaving valuables in their cars and nothing has happened, as criminals will always look for easy targets.

Sergeant Slusarz said that on Greenwich Avenue, especially during spring and summer time, people leave their cars running while they go into a store for a coffee or newspaper.

“People leave their car running unattended, and when they come back, they wonder why their car is missing,” Slusarz said. “We loose one or two cars this way every year.”

Similarly, drivers will park their convertible car with valuables on the front seat and return to find a purse or bag missing.

Another crime of opportunity takes place when women  leave their purses in the top of a shopping cart designed for a toddler to sit. “This happens all over the world. Women turn their back to get something off a shelf, and someone walks by and takes something out of their purse,” Slusarz said. “It’s not until they get out to their car that they realize somebody ripped them off.” Police suggest placing a purse at the bottom of the shopping card instead.

Original story, 7:00pm Feb 20: Three vehicles were broken into and entered in Mianus Park on Saturday morning, Feb. 18, within a 30 minute time frame, according to the vehicle owners.

The incidents are under investigation by Greenwich Police.

According to Chief Heavey, items were taken from two of the three vehicles. If anyone has additional information they should contact Greenwich Police tip line at (203) 622-8004 or email [email protected]

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