Police Spot Car Driving on Flat Tire, Charge Driver with DUI

On Tuesday, May 29, around 3:00pm, Greenwich Police were detailed to the area of North Street and Loch Lane on a report of a car driving on a flat tire.

Police report that the vehicle failed to stop upon the instruction of an officer working a uniformed side job.

Police observed the vehicle stop on Loch Lane. Through further investigation it was determined that the driver, identified as Thomas Lee Knechtel of 4 Interlaken Rd in Greenwich displayed red glassy eyes and had the odor of alcoholic beverages.  Knechtel did not perform field sobriety tests to standard.

A DMV inquiry revealed the vehicle’s registration had expired.

Knechtel was charged with DUI, Failure to Obey Direction of an Officer, Failure to Obey a Control Signal.

Knechtel posted his $230 bond and has a court date in Stamford Superior Court on June 13, 2018.