Pemberwick Woman Arrested Twice in One Week

At about 2:40am on Oct 18, Anne Marie Lombardi, 57,  of 23 Pemberwick Road was arrested in her home for Violating a Protective Order. This is the second time this week Ms. Lombardi was arrested.

On Sunday, Oct 16 Lombardi was arrested by Greenwich Police around 3:20pm for breaking a glass table she did not own.

She was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief 1st degree and held on $2,500 bond.

According to the CT judicial branch website, following an incident on Sept. 14 2006, Lombardi entered a guilty plea for Harassment 2nd degree and was sentenced to 6 months jail execution suspended and 1 year probation.

Also according to the judicial branch website, Lombardi was charged with Stalking 3rd degree stemming from an incident on Aug 30, 2007. She entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 6 months jail, execution suspended, probation 1 year.

Lombardi was arrested on July 27, 2015 and charged with Criminal Trespass 1, Disorderly Conduct and Harassment 2nd degree. On Dec 29, 2015, Lombardi’s application for Supervised Diversionary Program (SDP) was granted in Stamford Superior Court.

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