Inventing Imaginary Driver after Car Accident Results in Charges for Two Men

Peter Mark Hadjipateras, 21, of 140 5th Avenue, New York, NY and Constantine Hadjipateras, 22, of 50 Cherry Valley Rd in Greenwich were both arrested on Aug 20 following an accident on Clapboard Ridge Road.

On Saturday at about 7:40pm, Greenwich Police responded to Clapboard Ridge Rd on a report of an accident. Upon arriving, police interviewed two subjects. The first person was identified as Constantine Hadjipateras. The second was identified as Peter Hadjipateras.

Both men told police that a third, unidentified person had been driving the car and had fled the scene.

Officers noticed many inconsistencies in the stories of the two men.

Constantine eventually admitted to officers that they had made up the story about the third person, and admitted that it had actually been him. Constantine had bloodshot, glassy eyes associated with the consumption of alcoholic type beverages. He later failed to perform sobriety tests to standard.

Peter Hadjipateras was arrested and charged with Interfering with an Officer. He has a court date on Aug 29, 2016 in Stamford Superior Court. His bond was set at $500.

Constantine was arrested and charged with DUI, Restricted Turns Fail Signal and Interfering with an Officer. Constantine’s bond was set at $1,000. He also has a court date set for Aug. 29, 2016.