GPD: Riverside Man Who Crashed BMW into Utility Pole Said Car Had Been Stolen

On Monday around 12:30am multiple Greenwich Police responded to the area of Riverside Ave between Indian Head Rd and Jones Park Drive on a report that a BMW with a single occupant had crashed there.

Police arrived to find the BMW had struck a utility pole, removing it from the ground and snapping it into several pieces. The roadway an car were covered in downed wires. They determined that the driver had fled the scene.

The car was registered to a nearby residence and they made contact with the owner, Ryan Flohre, 43, of Riverside, who denied having driven the car. He said his car had been stolen from his driveway approximately two hours earlier.

Flohre was advised of the seriousness of the accident by officers, but he continued to deny involvement and maintain the car had been stolen.

Police completed a State of CT Stolen Motor Vehicle form, which Flohre signed. His vehicle was entered stolen and put in the National crime Information Center database.

Police say they conducted a thorough investigation of the accident scene throughout the night.

In the morning, as on scene investigation was being completed and repairs to the damaged property being made, Mr. Flohre requested to speak with officers.

Officers went to his residence where he admitted to having been driving the BMW, striking the utility pole, leaving he scene and falsely reporting the vehicle as stolen.

He was arrested and charged with Evading Responsibility, Failure to Drive in Proper Lane, Interfering with Officers, False Incident Report 2nd degree.

His bond was set at $1,000 for which he was able to post the required 10%. He has a date in Stamford Superior Court on Sept 20, 2021.