Garden Catering in Old Greenwich is Smoking! Houndstooth BBQ Pop-Up!

Garden Catering owners Frank and Tina Carpenteri announced they are partnering with their friend Michael Partridge on a new concept they expect will rival this summer’s Clam Shack pop-up in popularity: Houndstooth Barbecue!

Frank Carpenteri, Michael Partridge and Tina Carpenteri with ribs from the smoker at Garden Catering in Old Greenwich. Nov 11, 2020

Partridge, who is married to Jackie, an Old Greenwich School teacher, is a die hard southern barbecue aficionado.

Originally from DC, he attended school in Alabama with his brother in law, Judd Nieman, a trained chef who is his BBQ partner.

“We’re merging our talents,” Michael said.

For the last 25 years, Michael was a touring sound engineer, including 20 years with Railroad Earth.

Wherever he traveled, he sought out good barbecue.

Partridge said when he moved to Greenwich after getting married, he couldn’t find good barbecue.

“I started chipping away at it out in the back yard, and it turned into buying a big smoking machine,” he said as he gestured to his big red smoker behind Garden Catering.

Michael Partridge with a tray of BBQ ribs from the smoker at Garden Catering in Old Greenwich. Nov 11, 2020 Photo: Leslie Yager

“We had such success with the Clam Shack this summer. We knew we had to follow that up with another hit,” Tina said.

“And the reason the Clam Shack ended up working so well is because people learned to order ahead,” Frank said. “Putting a new concept through a 500 sq ft kitchen – it’s actually an old train car – is a challenge. We’re really encouraging ordering ahead.”

For now, the Houndstooth Barbecue pop-up hours are Saturday and Sunday from 11:00am to close, or until they sell out.

“We’re starting out with our favorites,” Tina said. “Later we’ll launch family sized meals. Right now it’s all a la carte.”

Call ahead to order this weekend: Pulled Port Sandwich, BBQ Banh Mi, Smoked BBQ Wings, Smoked Asian Wings or Pulled Pork by the pound.

The baked beans, mac & cheese sides are just the thing to warm up on a cold, fall day.

“And the banana pudding is wonderful,” Frank said.

In future there are plans to add smoked ribs and collard greens to the menu, in addition to the family packages.

“It’s a labor of love. I like to eat good barbecue,” Michael said. “We incorporate different parts of the south with the food we’re making. It’s a western Alabama vibe.”

There are three different varieties of barbecue sauce to choose from: an Alabama red vinegar sauce that reflects the western Alabama preference. There is also an Alabama white sauce and a sweeter Memphis-style sauce.

“It’s perfect comfort food. The weather is turning, so we’re pivoting,” Frank said. “We hope that we’ll be able to spread Mike’s love of BBQ to Fairfield County and beyond.”

“We’re making the best barbecue east of the Hudson!” Michael added.

Call to order ahead! Garden Catering in Old Greenwich is located at 185-1/2 Sound Beach Ave. Tel (203) 698-2900.

Some of the a la carte menu items the Houndstooth Barbecue will feature at the Garden Catering pop up.
Garden Catering in Old Greenwich is located at 185-1/2 Sound Beach Ave. Tel (203) 698-2900