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BET Chair’s Tie-Breaking Vote Means Decision on Funding Greenwich Ave Intersection Improvements is Postponed

Several Republican members of the BET questioned whether Greenwich Avenue was even out of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Karen Fassuliotis said the ADA law included a “Safe Harbor” clause meant that if there was compliance with the 1991 ADA or 2010 ADA standards for curb cuts, it wasn’t necessary to upgrade them when there is repaving. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Is 92-Unit 8-30g “The Missing Tooth” in the Fabric of Downtown Greenwich?

The commission said they were unsure that existing legal non-conformities would carry over to a new development because while non-conformities travel with a property, when 9 properties are merged, the legal non-conformities might cease to exist. There were also concerns about the optics of developing affordable housing on a contaminated site. Continue Reading →

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