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19-Unit Backward-Facing Milbank Ave Development Scrutinized by P&Z

Planning and Zoning said the proposed extra-long, brick 19-unit, 3 story development was “wall-like” and three stories feels high due to being atop a hill. The questioned whether it was in keeping with the neighborhood and balked at the enormous underground garage with 19 individual storage spaces. Continue Reading →

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At P&Z, Residents Voice Ire over Proposed Sheephill Mixed-Use Building

First Selectman Peter Tesei described the intersection of Sheephill and East Putnam Ave as wicked in its configuration and impact. He was but one in a chorus of residents to speak in opposition of a proposed mixed use building with parking for 138 cars, 17 one-bedroom units, 8 stores and office space. Continue Reading →

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Proposed Redevelopment of 38 St. Roch Ave Would Include Remediation, 7 Units and Total of 24 Bedrooms

38 St. Roch Ave LLC presented an application for a final site plan and special permit to demolish all existing structures at 38 St. Roch Ave in Chickahominy and construct two new multi-family dwellings for a total of seven units. Continue Reading →

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Center For Hope and Renewal at Old Stanwich Church Causes a Stir

The Center for Hope and Renewal offers counseling services at the old Stanwich Church. They have applied to the Planning & Zoning commission for approval for a final site plan and special permit, which they need to continue. Neighbors see the counseling as a commercial use. The applicant sees the counseling as fitting to the church’s mission. Continue Reading →

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P&Z to Developers of Lake Ave Re-SubDivision with Round Hill Road Driveway: Come Back with More Analysis

A proposal to demolish an existing 1914 mansion at 500 Lake Ave and build three new homes went before P&Z on March 7. Two of the homes would have Round Hill Road addresses if the applicant receives approval to remove trees and cut into a steep slope to build a new driveway. Continue Reading →

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Planning & Zoning Commission Votes Unanimously on “Attics & Basements” Proposal

After waiting five hours, a group of about 20 residents got the answer they had been waiting for. It was after midnight when the Planning & Zoning commission voted on the proposed amendment to the way FAR is calculated for attics and basement. Continue Reading →

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Planning & Zoning Set to Decide on “Attics & Basements” Proposal on Tuesday

Tuesday night’s Planning and Zoning meeting (March 7), which starts at 7:00pm at Town Hall, will include a long-awaited decision on a proposal to change the way Floor Area Ratio is calculated in Greenwich.
With attics and basements calculated in FAR a lot of older homes are being scrapped in favor of new ones with flatter roofs and terraced walls to bury basements. There has been concern among the commission and some residents that the change would result in new construction being even bigger. Continue Reading →

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