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P&Z: Proposed Text Amendment to CGIO Zone Could Signal Major Downtown Redevelopment

A proposed text amendment to the CGIO zone might make possible a 70 unit residential development with significant public parking underground, a public park at the corner of Lewis and Benedict Place, indoor community space for meetings and a pedestrian connector to Greenwich Ave. Continue Reading →

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Experienced Attorney Joins Board of Selectmen, Impacts Timetable on Potential Litigation for GHS Lights

The Board of Selectmen are waiting for Sandy Litvack to be sworn in and fully briefed on potential litigation to reopen the 2003 settlement with GHS neighbor Bill Effros. The court judgement prohibits Cardinal Field from being illuminated more than a handful of nights per year. Continue Reading →

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Neighbors Slam BOE Proposal for Temporary Lighting on CMS Field; P&Z Says Come Back with More Details

At Tuesday night’s P&Z meeting, neighbors turned out with their objections to illuminating the field at CMS with temporary lights powered by generators. The superintendent and director of facilities for Greenwich Schools said they’d like to use the field for the GHS boys rugby team, which includes freshmen, JV and Varsity teams. A major concern was parents picking up students on Orchard Street where teens cut through an unlit path. Continue Reading →

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19-Unit Backward-Facing Milbank Ave Development Scrutinized by P&Z

Planning and Zoning said the proposed extra-long, brick 19-unit, 3 story development was “wall-like” and three stories feels high due to being atop a hill. The questioned whether it was in keeping with the neighborhood and balked at the enormous underground garage with 19 individual storage spaces. Continue Reading →

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At P&Z, Residents Voice Ire over Proposed Sheephill Mixed-Use Building

First Selectman Peter Tesei described the intersection of Sheephill and East Putnam Ave as wicked in its configuration and impact. He was but one in a chorus of residents to speak in opposition of a proposed mixed use building with parking for 138 cars, 17 one-bedroom units, 8 stores and office space. Continue Reading →

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