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Selectmen Debate: Tesei and Litvack Scuffle over Greenwich’s Economic Development

Topics included the controversial re-branding campaign for Greenwich, diminished presence of hedge funds, expansion of Westchester airport, lack of affordable housing and the scourge of developers using loopholes intended to incentivize affordable housing to create monstrosities, and the lousy Grass Island Dog Park. Continue Reading →

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Tesei: Why I’m Running for Another Term as Greenwich First Selectman

“We have the highest quality educational opportunities; a balanced approach to investment in our public infrastructure using prudent, responsible and effective methods of financing; excellent services for the most vulnerable of our residents and our increasing and active senior residents.” Continue Reading →

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Litvack: At What Cost the “Cut, Slash and Burn” Cry of Ultraconservatives in Greenwich?

“We can no longer simply decry our increased traffic problems despite zero population growth, while doing nothing to solve it. We can no longer ignore the deteriorating sports fields and sports facilities all over Town.” – Sandy Litvack, candidate for first selectman of Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Tesei on Charlottesville: Greenwich Republican Officials Abhor and Detest Behavior of White Supremacists and Nazis

During his weekly WGCH 1490 radio show First Selectman Peter Tesei talked to a caller asking why she hadn’t heard him speak to the events at Charlottesville last Saturday. Tesei said Greenwich Republicans abhor and detest the behavior of Nazis and white supremacists, but that the vigil organized by Indivisible Greenwich was partisan. Continue Reading →

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Petitioner Pushes Bounds of Freedom of Speech at Tod’s Point

Peter Bernstein said he’d been told by a caretaker at the beach on Sunday not to circulate his petition. He complied. Parks & Rec director Joe Siciliano and First Selectman Peter Tesei said on Monday there is no prohibition on circulating a petition on the beach. Jason Auerbach circulated a petition in favor of charter change and had children carry large placards mentioning Peter Bernstein. Continue Reading →

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RTC Slate Features Tesei for 6th Term; Results in 2 Petition Candidates

Peter Tesei was nominated on July 25 by the RTC for a record 6th term, along with John Toner, nominated for a second full term. Shakeups in the process that excluded incumbents from the slate, including Leslie Tarkington who is petitioning for a place on the ballot for BET. Peter Bernstein is petitioning for a spot on the ballot for BOE. Continue Reading →

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