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Blankley: Do Not Hold New Lebanon School Hostage to the State Grant

“New Lebanon school has long been identified as the next major project in the BOE’s overall improvement plan and it is needed desperately. Overcrowding results in pre- K classes being pushed to another facility, classes being taken in hallways and no space for enrichment activities.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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Blankley: Investing in Education is the Only Way Forward

“Some naysayers, even some in my own party, reject a grant designed to solve this problem. The state’s agencies have signed off on the grant and its purpose, so why argue with that? Some are opposed to a larger school but the experience we had with Glenville tells us that we should build appropriately sized schools to accommodate demographic swings. …Then some try to use the state’s financial situation to bolster their position.” – John Blankley, Continue Reading →

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Bergstresser: Blankley understands both the public and private side of Connecticut’s economy

“With this background, John is well qualified to represent Greenwich in Hartford, but he represents one further advantage, as a Democrat in the Senate, he will be able to participate in the formulation of fiscal legislation.

Since the Democratic majority in the legislature does not accept direct participation of Republican Senators in the development of Budget and Tax policy, Greenwich’s ideas and concerns are not addressed. Our current Senator can criticize and complain, but he has little ability to introduce new ideas and initiatives.” Jean and Richard Bergstreser (former Greenwich First Selectman) Continue Reading →

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Blankley: When will Senator Frantz Denounce Trump?

“We are now beyond the initial outrage felt when Donald Trump insulted women, immigrants, Muslims, the Pope, a judge of Mexican heritage, journalists and newspapers, a Gold Star Family, war heroes and exposed himself as a know-nothing bigot and vulgarian. We are now talking about a man who clearly understands nothing about realpolitik in the wider world, a man who is a true threat to our freedoms from inside our very own body politic.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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