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Marzullo: We need a President to lead, unite and soothe this country

“Bombastic, empty-threat type behavior coming from the President makes the world less safe. No communications director or Steve Bannon-type figurehead can spin such reprehensible action. While Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka may have influence for now, this failing administration is Trump’s to own.” – Drew Marzullo, Greenwich Selectman Continue Reading →

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Indivisible Greenwich Presses Selectmen to Sign “Mayors’ Climate Letter”

According to a release from Indivisible Greenwich, President Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accord was both “diplomatically disastrous and environmentally dangerous.” The group urged the Board of Selectmen to sign the “Mayors’ Climate Letter” to bypass President Trump’s decision. Continue Reading →

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US Senator Chris Murphy Talks Tough on Trump, “Military Policy is Not Foreign Policy”

US Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut talked about the state of the US democracy and how checks & balances have succeeded and failed in the new Trump administration. He said Trump mistakes military policy for foreign policy and described his approach as dangerously improvisational.
Murphy answered questions about gerrymandering, income disparity, immigration and the minimum wage. Continue Reading →

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