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Greenwich Selectmen Ponder Rest Room Accessibility ahead of Chimes Building Restoration

“To build a $600,000 bathroom that not every resident in the town of Greenwich could take part in doesn’t make any sense… Of course it’s about the disabled, but it’s really about everybody too.” – Alan Gunzburg. Continue Reading →

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Indivisible Greenwich Presses Selectmen to Sign “Mayors’ Climate Letter”

According to a release from Indivisible Greenwich, President Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accord was both “diplomatically disastrous and environmentally dangerous.” The group urged the Board of Selectmen to sign the “Mayors’ Climate Letter” to bypass President Trump’s decision. Continue Reading →

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BOE Dem Will Not Run Again. Education Charter Change Hangs in the Balance.

Debbie Appelbaum’s decision not to run for re-election comes at a time that the Board of Selectmen are talking abut how to elect members of the Board of Education.
Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can get more than two people elected to the school board in a single year, and the parties usually nominate just two. Continue Reading →

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Steamboat Road Pier: Allow Fishing or Ban It?

A letter from the Indian Harbor Yacht Club, adjacent neighbor of the historic pier, said that despite safety notices and a metal railing in the pier’s crumbling corner, neither have “deterred the curious or discouraged the daring from climbing over, around or through.” Continue Reading →

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Enforcement of Mandatory Watering Ban in Greenwich Allows Greenwich Police to Issue Fines

On Thursday the Board of Selectmen will enact Article 5 of the Town’s ordinances, which pertains to water conservation. The ordinance stems back to the late 1970s, early 1980s when Greenwich’s water supplies dwindled to a just a two-week supply.
On Monday night First Selectman Peter Tesei said that once the ordinance is activated, it will provide Greenwich Police the mechanism to enforce with fines. Continue Reading →

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