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Sherr and Auerbach: New Hamilton Avenue School Field is Much Needed

“For too many years, the needs of the children at Hamilton Avenue have been postponed. Why the Board of Education accepted the Hamilton Avenue Project from the Building Committee with obvious flaws is beyond comprehension. Basic educational equity requires addressing this long overdue project,” said Jason Auerbach, member of the RTM and the Education Committee. Continue Reading →

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BOE Dem Will Not Run Again. Education Charter Change Hangs in the Balance.

Debbie Appelbaum’s decision not to run for re-election comes at a time that the Board of Selectmen are talking abut how to elect members of the Board of Education.
Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can get more than two people elected to the school board in a single year, and the parties usually nominate just two. Continue Reading →

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Board of Selectmen Install Peter Sherr as Board of Ed Chair; Laura Erickson is Out

Democrat Drew Marzullo said parents of children in Greenwich Public Schools “don’t give a rat’s ass whether you have an R or a D affiliated with your name…. They believe in results. Who will best Lead. Who will keep their children safe. Who will work well with others,” he said. Continue Reading →

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