More Milbank Ave Condos Coming: End is Near for Row of Three Turn-of-Century Houses

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.14.46 PMOn Tuesday night the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 5-0 to approve a final site plan and special permit for the development of condominiums on Milbank Ave at the intersection of Havemeyer.

The plan will require the demolition of existing houses at 259, 261 and 263 Milbank Avenue, one of which is an, 11,000 sq ft 4-family home. The other two are single family dwellings.

The project involves constructing two new buildings totaling 19,290 sq ft for a total of four units over a common parking garage, with elevators.

And while currently there are three separate parcels, the new development will be owned by two companies, with a single zoning lot.

Attorney John Tesei said that since the application was last before the Planning and Zoning in May, it was changed to reflect the commission’s input.

For starters, the application now excludes right of way from the rear, to the east of the property, where a neighbor at 71 Havemeyer Place has an easement for his driveway.

71 Havemeyer Place

Driveway at 71 Havemeyer Place with right of way behind proposed multi-unit development at 259, 261 and 263 Milbank Ave. Credit: Leslie Yager

Also, the applicant has reduced the Floor Area Ratio (FAR), resolved an outstanding height issue, and reduced the bulk head for the elevator.

Architect Rudy Ridberg said the applicant is considering adding exterior stairs.

“There was a discussion at ARC about adding a stairs from the upper level down to Milbank Ave for tenants to walk down,” Ridberg said. “We’re going to look at it for when we go back to ARC.”

As there were no comments from the public. The discussion lasted twelve minutes.

The next step is the applicant will apply for demolition permits. For their part, Planning and & Zoning will issue its decision letter outlining the
approval and what is required for the Zoning Permit sign-off. From there, the applicant will proceed to apply for the actual Zoning Permit and then Building Permit.

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  • John Burtsche

    Greenwich Planning & Zoning just continue to ruin this once great neighborhood! Sewer , Water and Gas lines are all impacted. The Town Of Greenwich Planning and Zoning obviously could care less about the integrity of our neighborhoods. Look at Darien/Ridgefield and New Canaan, this would never be permitted. Our great Town
    [ oops I mean City of Greenwich] is changing for the worse. You wonder why so many people who were born and raised here are moving out of Town. P&Z has realized that they can collect serious amount of property taxes from the ridiculous amount of condos ruining a once single family neighborhood, which has no parking at all for guests. Town Hall needs to have some house cleaning done. Its all about making $$$ , then the residents. Stamford resident sues Greenwich for Beach access and wins. NON residents can go to any overcrowded Greenwich Beach as long as they pay admission on ANY given day. Yet If us Greenwich residents want to go to a Stamford Beach [ we too can pay admission and go, BUT not on weekends and Holidays ] Hmmmmm… think Town Hall realizes they can make ALOT of money on the weekends with out of Town admission sales. Forget the the Greenwich Residents [ we can ALL squeeze onto the Beach! ]
    can you say: SHOW ME THE MONEY !