Former Fjord Fisheries Site Including Dock Sells for $6 Million

On August 4, three properties were sold to River Road Development, LLC for a sum of $6 million.

143 River Rd

143 River Road.

143 River Rd sold from Mianus Marine, LLC to River Road Development, LLC on Aug 4, 2015 for $3,698,400.

Also, 137 River Rd was sold from Miranda P Hussar to River Road Development, LLC on Aug 4, 2015 for $433,200.

Finally, on Aug 4, 2015 for, 89 River Rd, a commercial boat slip, sold  from Fred Peters and Miranda P Hussar to River Road Development, LLC for $1,868,400.

137 River Road

137 River Road. Credit Assessor’s office Greenwich Town Hall

In July the Planning & Zoning Commission voted to approve “Phase 1″ of a new rowing club on the site of the former Fjord Fisheries.

boat slip

Dock at River Road.

The applicant’s attorney Thomas Heagney said his clients’ goal is to establish the club before fall using existing facilities. On July 21 the applicant received a certificate of permission from the CT DEEP to reconfigure the floating dock on the south side of the property and for a new access ramp.

Mr. Heagney said the incoming rowing club runs other locations, including one in Westport on the Saugatuck River and another in Rye, NY.

The new club will be heralded by port-o-potties for Phase 1. And, for now, the old red Fjord Fisheries building will continue to sit empty. P&Z commissioner Nancy Ramer asked whether it was safe to have children at the rowing club coming and going in the vicinity of an abandoned building. Mr. Heagney said it was safe, yet the building’s basement door has been left open and the exterior stairs appear unstable.

In Phase 1, the parking lot will be striped for about 40 cars. There are 22 boat slips on the east side of the property, which Mr. Heagney said are in poor condition. He said the boat slips may be removed as they are not part of the rowing club plan.

old Fjord Fisheries building

Open door, piles of scrap wood and exterior stairs behind the recently sold Fjord Fisheries building on River Rd.

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  • John B.

    What a shame, Cos Cob’s waterfront is being destroyed by “Private Clubs” . Growing up in Cos Cob [ when Greenwich WAS Greenwich] River Rd. was dotted with independent Marinas / Boat Yards. We had the Chart House Restaurant , Salt Water Farms [ Fish Market] and a Nautical themed gift shop next to Albin Marine…… No wonder why so many people who are from Greenwich are moving up the line to Coastal Ct.
    Wonder how long it will take for{ Drakin Boat Yard}to sell out to a developer , so as to have { Another Private Yuppie Boat Club }

  • John walker

    John B – it’s a shame? If you owned the property in question would you want to collect the maximum rent and/or utilize your multimillion dollar property to its best use? As real estate prices elevate, developers and business people figure out ways to use that expensive real estate in ways that make them money. Last time I checked Greenwich Water Club had over a year waiting listing of those “yuppies” waiting to join and spend their money. Utilizing real estate to its highest and best use maximizes tax revenue, owner revenue and enjoyment by the people using the land. It’s not realistic to believe that a multi million dollar piece of waterfront real estate in Greenwich shouldn’t be developed. It’s just complete fantasy.

  • John walker

    Howard Winklevoss father of Winklevoss Twins apparently is new owner. Runs a nice operation. Plenty of money to make a first class club in Greenwich.

  • Judy G

    “Best” is relative. Some believe that having and spending money is the be-all and end-all. Others know better.

  • John B.

    John Walker-
    Nobody said it should not be developed. Maybe your a ” Newbie” to Greenwich. What is obvious is out of the remaining waterfront property in Greenwich we have limited locations for the public to enjoy. Not a single Waterfront Restaurant , compared to Stamford , Westport, Darien and Norwalk. As far as” best interest for Tax revenue” , seems you may be correct. The Town has already destroyed Millbank Ave. with tearing down dozens of beautiful SINGLE family homes, so a developer can put up a 6 condos on the same lot. Lot$ of Taxes collecting on 6 Mc Condos on the once on the same lot which had one house. Forget about the character of the neighborhoods .
    After all it’s all about the money.

  • Mary Quinn

    “After all it’s all about the money.” In Greenwich CT? Say it ain’t so.

  • John Walker

    John B – what does it matter if I am a “Newbie to Greenwich” or have been here for 50 years? Bottom line is that as time moves on towns change. Sticking to the theory that a town should not evolve brings me thoughts of towns in Fairfield County that have not progressed. For example Bridgeport. You can probably go up there and see things EXACTLY as they were 20, 30 or 50 years ago. Not much development up there. Since private money for the most part finances restaurants, then the fact that there are few waterfront restaurants in Greenwich would indicate that you can make more money with that waterfront real estate then building and running a restaurant. For anyone who doesn’t believe that “Money” is important in keeping Greenwich the way it is, then I would suggest Bridgeport or Port Chester as an example of what happens when people cease believing that mantra. Whats the alternative? Stop building, and keep those large one family out of date homes on Millbank ave? If you want that head to Park Avenue in Bridgeport plenty of those single family units there for you to enjoy. Looking for an intelligent response.

    • John B.

      John Walker- You need to learn about Greenwich’s History before you try to compare it to Port Chester & Bridgeport. You need to focus on the above. Nobody [once again ] stated development in town is not good. It’s the type of development .Towns like Ridgefield, New Canaan certainly get it. To compare the [Town] of Greenwich to the [City] of Bridgeport is quite comical . As far as the Millbank ave. with knocking down all the single family homes, maybe YOUR single family neighborhood or say Round hill road will be a cluster of Condos with no guest parking one day. Look at the retail /commercial stores on RT 1 and Greenwich Ave. that last a year if their lucky , due to the as You stated “Money is important in keeping Greenwich the way that it is.” Greenwich ave. had DW Rogers, Ronnies, Chancy Delia, Da Vincis,Woolworths, Meads, even a Gas station and Grocery store to name a few ,for many years.
      Our Beautiful “public” Library has wonderful books on the history of Greenwich for you to get a better grasp of our town.

  • Chad M.

    John Walker, It seems to be you may a recent New York Transplant .
    You certainly sound like a developer or builder, who is only concerned with maximum profit and have no concerns of neighbors or the community.

  • John Walker

    Sorry guys I grew up in CT, not a NY Transplant. Comparing Greenwich to Bridgeport is “comical”, John B? Its a comparison which was made to illustrate what happens when a town fails to manage its development and future vision. Like leaving large single family houses as is and not allowing condos. People tend to forget real estate development is the engine that drives our economy. Unfortunately buildings that play a part in our personal memories are sometimes changed. The clash between those two realities is where your opinions are routed. My feeling is the property on River rd is a great place for a new rowing club, relatively shallow water, secluded from boat traffic, easy access from Route 1, and 95. Plenty of parking, etc. All of us, including you, John B, could have purchased that land or any other land and developed a restaurant or bait store or whatever else you feel should be on the property. In this world, the person who writes the check gets to decide, and that is what happened here. The comments people make about it are interesting, but in the end irrelevant and have no bearing. I imagine your an older person, why haven’t you done something during your life to change what your opposed to? Buy a multi million dollar property, build and operate a restaurant, instead you have an opinion on what and where these multi million dollar properties should be developed, I find that odd.

  • Jen Staniar

    John Walker, You are not a Greenwich native, yet you state your from Ct
    Could it possibly be { Bridgeport} that it seems you know so well?
    I and others totally disagree with your ridiculous thoughts on what’s “Best” for Greenwich .

    1 – As Clearly stated above Greenwich is a Town / Bridgeport is a City
    2- The beautiful single family homes on Millbank ave. that are being torn down to maximize Developers profit is Absurd.
    3- What does a persons age have to do with caring about the character of his/her Town.
    4- I think you need to get a reality check , life in Greenwich Ct. does not revolve around John Walker.

  • John walker

    Sorry to disappoint, I’m not from Bridgeport and regardless if it’s a city or a town, it’s degraded into a sewer because of poor management and inability to change with the times – sort of what you propose for Millbank Ave. it is hilarious though that you seem to be completely opposed to anyone making a profit, but claim to live in the most xpensive “town” on earth, Greenwich. How do you make a profit if you are so opposed to the idea of capitalism? Also what is with the grammatical inappropriate { brackets}? Something they taught in the Greenwich school system decades ago?

    • Jen Staniar

      John Walker, Seems like You need to go to Bridgeport this weekend { probably in your leased C- class Mercedes. } Go talk to some residents and let them know how strongly you feel about their home ” Bridgeport Ct. is a Sewer ‘
      { I Hope It Works Out For You ! }

  • John walker

    I’m still trying to figure out what the { brackets} mean. Something I guess they didn’t teach us at GCDS or Harvard. Leased C class? Amazing how the old timers think they can figure things out based on the anonymous board of small time online newspaper. Isn’t it time for the 5 PM buffet? Lol.

  • Jen Staniar

    { John Walker } { I think you should run for Mayor in Bridgeport with that education. } { YOU certainly think you can figure everything out } Greenwich would have { 1 } less ” Tool” in “Town”
    { LMAO }

  • John walker

    There would be no need for me to run for Mayor of Bridgeport since I am already running a business that has more revenue than the City of Brdgeport. Not to mention I wouldn’t want to be associated with a cesspool like that -they’d probably make me live there which would probably be worse than living next to you. There is no one to blame but yourself for not being able to afford to live in greenwich anymore. Let’s face it is more affordable to live ‘Up north” in Danbury or New Milford like you do than to live in Greenwich. But hey with the internet you,can still watch what’s going on and make stupid left wing anti-business comments from your rocking chair as you watch Jerry Springer and old Western Reruns in black and white. Now go out to the mailbox to see if your social security check as arrived yet so you can head to the local buffet.

  • Ryan Stewart

    John Walker . It’s a shame your a Greenwich resident. FYI
    Jen is from and STILL lives in Greenwich.
    So You insult :
    Homeowners of Millbank Ave. neighborhood and
    “Older/ retirees ……..
    Oh and FYI I am Jens neighbor
    IN GREENWICH ,And she is under 50.
    You need to get a serious attitude adjustment .
    *** Jihn end of month is upon us , don’t forget to mail out your C-Class Mercedes LEASE
    Payment .

  • John walker

    Honestly I thought I was insulting John B, not Jen. I didn’t read the comments close enough. Please accept my apologies Jen they weren’t directed at you. Anyway, I can’t wait until the new club is built. Hopefully I will see everyone from this comment board there. Oh yea and thanks Zoning board members for approving this beautiful project that will enhance River rd, increase property values in the area generate tax revenue and provide a wonderful opportunity for all who are into rowing to have a place to pursue their passion.

  • John walker

    Ok now I’m reading the comments closer. My assistant previously briefed me on them, and apparently she didn’t do a good job, I need a new assistant anyway. Looks like I commented about the development. Some guy named John B made some derogatory rebukes, then Jen jumped in with some anti profit anti real estate development comments and that’s how it all started. Then someone named Ryan Stewart piled on the insults about an imaginary C Class lease I apparently have and then asks me to take it easy on Jen because she lives In greenwich, is under 50 and lives next door.
    Here is my response:

    Don’t use brackets { like this} as there is no instance in proper English writing that dictates or even allows that usage.
    Don’t use your real name when posting on the Internet, I sure don’t.
    Don’t try to assume what type of car an anonymous poster drives
    A C Class is a great entry level car made by MB.

  • Laura C.

    John Walker, You sound like you would be a great Jerry Springer Contestant. You sound like you live in your own little bubble. I can not imagine who would want to work with you , with your arrogant and obnoxious attitude ! As a Greenwich native, myself and others feel it would be no loss to our community if you left our Town and moved Bridgeport.

  • John Walker Black

    Well the Jerry Springer Show is filmed right over in Stamford so you maybe onto something Laura C. Maybe I should try out for the show. Next Tim I see him at the Starbucks on Greenwich Ave I’ll ask him if he has room for a boring white guy from Greenwich. I appreciate the good advoc!

  • John S. Beaurline

    Well John Walker {Black} Looks like your ” Snobbish” attitude is not very welcoming here. I would recommend maybe this weekend hop in your leased car , and take a ride to Danbury or Bridgeport parks or some of the senior living facilities{ in Greenwich } and let some of the residents read your comments . Greenwich is what it is not by New transplants or wanna -be-penny rich millionaires. Read the History of Greenwich book.

  • John Walker Black

    Hey John Beaurline are you saying for me to go to Bridgeport because I am a black man living in Greenwich? The reality is Greenwich is no longer just for white people like yourself. Racism is alive and well in Greenwich CT – the old white guard still wants to keep us African Americans out Greenwich and in the slums of Bridgeport and Danbury.

    • John S. Beaurline

      JohnWalker, nice try pulling the { race card}
      YOU insulted Brideport /Danbury not me. Stay focused {if possible} with the article. You obviously have waaaay to much time on your hands.
      { Game Over }

      • John Walker Black

        I couldn’t find the ward “waaay” in the dictionary is that something exclusive to your Greeenwich upbringing? Please cite what dictionary that’s listed in as proper English.

  • John Walker Black

    I am focused – on your racist hated and elitism. Because you are white you deserve to live in Greenwich but the blacks according to you, should move to Bridgeport. Your 1950’s attitude needs updating. I stated earlier Bridgeport is a sewer but you insist I live there, which means you must view me, a black man as human feces. It’s nice to know that racial hatred is alive and well in Greenwich in 2015. The insults and the requests to move out of town and the fact that someone stated to me that it’s a shame I live in Greenwich all reinforces the stereotype of the Minority hating, white only crowd of old time Greenwich. Thankfully besides a few holdouts like John Beaurline and Chris Fountain most people in Grenwich are open minded about race.

  • John S. Beaurline

    John Walker, Lady’s and Gentlemen of this great website, read John Walker’s previous posts and you decide .
    { John Walker You obviously have some Deep seeded issues. }

  • John Walker Black

    Deep seated issues? Such as being an African American? That’s about as deep seated as possible, but not something I can change.
    You good old boys want Greenwich to remain as it’s been – don’t develop the River road property, comiserating about the good old days before all the non multi generational Greenwich residents came to town. Why not look back to the times before your relatives came to Greenwich – like when labor was free and white people made even more money than they do now? I have every right to voice my opinion on this page – even if you don’t believe I should. I live in Greenwich, and I am not from Brodgeport as you pretend to know. I don’t drive a “leased C class” like a proper African American should in your racist view. You’d be very surprised to know who’s behind these ridiculous and completely bogus posts. Lol. Funny how gullible some people are.

  • John Walker Black

    Bababooey, Bababooey!