Ramer: Dadakis Characterization of Litvack as “Fixer for the Hollywood Elite” is Off the Mark

Letter to the editor of Greenwich Sentinel editor shared by Jeff Ramer, chair of the DTC, Aug 30, 2017

To the Editor of Greenwich Sentinel,

Respectfully, it is an astonishing unfairness to run a piece that characterizes the career accomplishments of Sandy Litvack, candidate for First Selectman, as having been “a fixer for the Hollywood elite” (Sentinel column by Ed Dadakis, August 25, 2017).

I am not quite sure what the comment means, but it certainly has nothing whatever to do with the illustrious career of Mr. Litvack.

Rather, Mr. Litvack was Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Disney.  Prior to that, he had been Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Antitrust Division at the Justice Department, senior partner and chairman of the prestigious Donovan Leisure law firm in New York, head of litigation at the equally prestigious Dewey Ballantine law firm in New York, on the Boards of Directors of Hewlett Packard and other major U.S. corporations, and recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in the U.S. by the American College of Trial Lawyers.

Moreover, Mr. Litvack was no privileged kid with a path paved by family contacts.  He obtained his law degree at nights at Georgetown Law, working to support himself during the day.  It would be hard to imagine a higher level of personal accomplishment.

Vote for whomever you like and endorse any political philosophy that pleases you, but from a standpoint of simple responsible journalism, it is not often that people of this caliber put themselves forward for service to the Town.

If you expect people like this to continue to do so, I might be better that you be a little less quick to slander them.

Jeff Ramer

  • Your mother

    How is working for the Hollywood elite slander? It may be an incorrect interpretation of Mr. Litvak’s time at Disney, but is it slanderous to say someone worked in Hollywood? Greenwich elitism at it’s worst.

  • realsaramerica

    I’ll tell you what that comment means, Jeff. It’s code, a dog whistle, same as employed by Bannon, Miller, Gorka and Trump. See also “cosmopolitan” “globalist” etc. He wants to “Make Greenwich Great Again” by bringing back the good old days of “The Gentleman’s Agreement.”

    • Greenwich Resident

      Stop beating around the bush…Just call him an anti-Semite already.

  • Lindsey Schubert Fahey

    Kudos to the writer. Sandy Litvack is such an extremely impressive candidate for First Selectman that it is no surprise that the Tea Party in town sees him as such a major threat!

  • CT Penetrator

    Typical Jeff Ramer hysterics.

    You don’t know what it means, Jeff? If not, how can you typify it as “slander,” and why such the defensive tone? Why the long defense?

    Thanks for the list of credentials. Here, in Greenwich, we call that the “Blankley” test. Ha Ha! Universally, it’s called ad verecundiam.

    Blankley. Oh my… It is just perfect.