Letter: $100,000 for a Re-Branding Campaign for Greenwich is Unnecessary

Letter to the editor submitted by Louisa Green, March 8, 2017

This expenditure of $100,000 for a Re-Branding Ad Campaign for Greenwich is totally unnecessary!

With all the talented PR & Advertising executives living in Greenwich, I have to believe we could get a fantastic campaign written and produced by volunteers!

And, wouldn’t the fact that our ad campaign was, indeed, donated to the Town prove what a great place Greenwich is?

This a community that utilizes volunteers to fulfill many important jobs.

I have served on many Boards in town that have donated MAJOR capital projects through the efforts of volunteers – the Perrot Library Children’s Wing, the Bruce Park Playground, the house that Kids in Crisis resides in, The Greenwich Point Conservancy. I could go on and on.

Save my tax dollars for something more important than an ad campaign. You might even conduct a contest among the high school students to produce a TV, YouTube and print campaign as to why people would want to live in Greenwich.

As a Junior League member for decades, I helped start the Greenwich Youth Film Festival. We have talent right in our “back yard.” Let the cameras roll by the very citizens who live here!

Louisa S. Greene Formerly a Corporate Wife who moved to Greenwich from Tokyo after a visit to Tod’s Point – not because of any ad campaign!



  • Matt

    Well said. I bet the GHS kids would make something better and more creative than any PR firm (AKA someone from out of town and knows nothing about it anyway) would make anyway.

  • Jodi Weisz

    Totally agree! Save the 100,000 and use in-Town talent from the Junior League and Greenwich High School. I know amazing film producers, a husband and wife team that created Greenwich Christian Preschool’s promotional video (the school grew 300% in two years) who could do it, they would do an amazing job and it would not cost the town 100,000K!
    Use this 100,000K to start a POP-Up Neighborhood Library/Literacy/Makers’ Space for the children who live in the Hamilton Avenue neighborhood, who can’t walk all the way to the Main Library.
    Or, spend the $100,000 on a PR diversity awareness campaign to get preschool parents in Greenwich’s private preschools to open their minds and hearts to diversity and stop segregating Greenwich’s youngest citizens, thus creating a two-tier public school system that is chasing away new families who come here and rent but then decide to move and not buy after they see what is going on.
    Folks do not want to move to Greenwich because we have a two-tiered public school system. That is what is keeping new residents from plunking down money to buy a new house in what should be the-up-and -coming neighborhoods, feeling that one side of Town has the “good schools” and their side does not. They end up rejecting the idea of living here for a truly homogenous town, like New Canaan or Darien or Weston or go to a cool town in CT that values diversity and still has high achieving schools like Hip Fairfield or Cool Danbury.
    Danbury has six Schools of Distinction in line with Ridgefield and Greenwich only the houses are 150% more affordable and the vibe is so much more family friendly and fun.
    If Greenwich doesn’t pivot soon, we will loose the hippest families to Danbury and Stamford.
    Stamford’s public schools are attracting more new families that ever before, hence the reason the Catholic Archdiocese closed three of its four catholic schools in Stamford.
    Families are starting to say they are priced out of Stamford now. They are moving to Danbury and Fairfield. And if it is boating that is on the top of many prospective Greenwichites’ list, Candlewood Lake is the hottest boating community now, not the yacht clubs in Southern Fairfield County.
    New residents want to see a potential upside to their home values but not at a cost of having to send their child to the lower ranked elementary school(s) in town.
    So the Town has to answer THIS PR question, why would you move here when these imbalances exists?

  • MarijaM

    I completely agree with this solution. Volunteers can fill this perceived need to improve Greenwich’s reputation. With the statewide budget crisis and tight budgets for all government programs, I think there are a multitude of projects that this money would be better spent on. For example, we have been in a drought for over 31 months and its widely expected to continue. That money could be wisely invested in an education program to help people reduce water consumption across town. Our property values are going to be impacted much more by water quality and availability and other long-term environmental issues than by a one-time PR campaign.