Carolyn B. Maloney on Abrams for State Rep: Powerful Advocate for Women’s Rights

letter to the editorThe following was submitted to Greenwich Free Press from Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney

I have known Marc Abrams for over 20 years as a friend and someone that worked for me.  I am proud to give my endorsement and strong support for Marc to become the next member of the State Assembly for Connecticut’s 149th District.

Marc’s professional and personal accomplishments along with his passion for public service will make him a great asset to the Assembly. I personally know Marc will be a powerful advocate for women’s rights.

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney represents the east side of Manhattan and was the first woman elected to represent her district; as well as the first woman to Chair the Joint Economic Committee.  She is the past Chair of the Women’s Caucus and is known as a champion and leader for women, with a special emphasis on women’s health needs, reproductive freedom, international family planning, and securing women’s equality in the Constitution.

  • Carol Swift

    Marc Abrams, as president of GRS, orchestrated a federal suit of the Town of Greenwich, filed July 7 of this year. I do not think someone who files a federal lawsuit and holds the town hostage to the tune of millions of dollars, should be elected to public office as one of our representatives. His organization could have refiled for their building permits, and they most likely would have been approved. Instead of following the process that you and I would follow if our building permit were denied, he and his organization chose to leapfrog over the normal process and sue the Town of Greenwich in federal court. I would suggest to readers that they read the allegations of the federal lawsuit and then ask yourself – should this man be elected to office? I think your answer will be a definitive NO!! Copies of the lawsuit can be obtained by emailing John Timm at Read before you vote.

  • Sarah Darer Littman

    Here’s Abrams quoted in a 5/21/14 Greenwich Time piece: “Abrams said the run is an effort to realize the ideals he was brought up on in Connecticut politics.

    “What really makes this country and Greenwich is that people can aspire to whatever they want,” he said. “Government’s role is to create opportunities such that people can succeed if they put in the work to do so. I’m a big believer in what Bill Clinton would say — if you work hard and play by the rules you should have a shot at what you want.”

    While I laud these sentiments – they are ones that I agree with myself as a progressive – I’m struggling to reconcile how Mr. Abrams’ lofty words with his actions as president of GRS – where the actions will impact the very people who have “worked hard and played by the rules to have a shot at what they want” ie/ a home they have worked hard to create for over 40 years and then when GRS doesn’t get its way it files a RLUIPA suit – in fact hints at that possibility from the very beginning at pretty much every P & Z meeting (just go back and read the record – I was at all of those meetings). Meanwhile Abrams stands back while his members calls these good hard working people and their neighbors anti-Semites – to the point he lets his lawyers quote them in the RLIUPA lawsuit.

    I was also at the court ordered mediation and Mr. Abrams introduced himself to my neighbor but pointedly ignored me and my partner. So much for civility and Ahavat Yisroel.

    One of the many things I have learned from this extremely painful two year experience is that party labels are no guarantee to behavior and neither is faith. My non-Jewish neighbors responded with more love and compassion when my father died last year than my formerly good friends from GRS, who didn’t even offer condolences or come to the shivva or funeral. And this after I had invited them to dinner in my home, as any neighbor would, during Hurricane Sandy when I had power and they didn’t. Then I had to listen to this same neighbor get up at the ZBA meeting and pontificate for five minutes about how my good neighbors and me are anti-Semites. To date, that has to be one of the greatest low points of this two year debacle.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the GRS member who came up to me after the ZBA meeting (I’m sorry, I know we’ve met before but I was trying to finish a column that was due the next morning while listening to the meeting at the same time so I’m blanking on your name) and wished me well over the Yom Kippur fast. You didn’t just talk about Ahavat Yisroel, you lived it, and it really meant the world to me.

  • Sarah Darer Littman

    Hmmmm. Party member covering up for Party member on his sexual harassment record? Reason number 58679401 of I am now unaffiliated.

  • Michael Palin

    I was shocked to read about Marc Abrams vile and degrading language in the legal documents. How laughable that Carolyn Maloney is saying he would be an advocate for women. What hypocrites!

  • Sarah Darer Littman

    Michael – as I said, this is another example of why I’m unaffiliated. I started my voting life as a Republican, switched to Democrat, and now I don’t think I will ever again be a party member except maybe temporarily on a strategic basis to vote in a primary – at least until we can get some form of open primary system in CT and unlock the stranglehold of the two party system in this state. Both parties decry corruption in the other party, but enable and cover it up in their own, because they exist to maintain their own power. That’s why our state has become known as Corrupticut. And you can’t say it’s Republicans or Democrats. Both are equally as culpable.

  • Carol Swift

    So, can anyone enlighten readers as to how much Marc and/or his brother donated to the Maloney campaign to get them to write this ridiculous letter to the editor?