Townwide Clean Up Day Set for Saturday, May 13

Girl Scouts picked up litter at Greenwich Point. Contributed photo: Greenwich Green & Clean

Girl Scouts picked up litter at Greenwich Point. Contributed photo: Greenwich Green & Clean

Letter submitted May 10 from Joanne Clark of Greenwich Green & Clean 

Greenwich Green & Clean will be in your neighborhood on Saturday, May 13. We will be rallying volunteers to join the Town-wide Cleanup Day.

litterWinter litter must be removed from parks, walkways and roadways to maintain a beautiful Town. When litter exists in a neighborhood personal behaviors are negatively affected.

Stop in at your local fire house or Greenwich Point before noon to pick up trash bags and gloves provided by Greenwich Green & Clean. Choose an area to pick up trash and litter.

Or ask the Green & Clean volunteers for suggested areas where litter has blown in the wind and is trapped in hedges and open spaces.

Check the roadway near your home or walk through a Town park to collect litter. When your trash bag is full return it to dumpsters provided at fire houses for proper disposal.

Litter, including paper, coffee cups, food wrappers and cans, is blown by the wind or dropped by users and is left lying in public spaces. Town-wide Cleanup Day is an efficient method for each of us to collect what is in our sight.

Please join Greenwich Green & Clean to help beautify Greenwich. We can’t accomplish our mission without your help. Thank you.

Joanne Clark
Old Greenwich

  • Peter Alexander

    Since the last Clean Up

    Westchester Airport announced it is tripling the number of
    passenger flights.
    Eversource is getting ready to serve a population 2.5 times
    the present or 175,000.
    After almost 30 years of flushing money Sewer Plant will be
    ready to serve 165,000 it was designed for instead of fixing to pipes in CosCob Harbor to get 85% from Feds & serve the burgeoning career ofSuethemall.
    More Athletic Fields closed none re opened.
    Cos Cob Park pollutes every tidal cycle & each time it rains
    Long Island Sound as bathtub has more dirt on bottom
    including millions spent on Cos Cob Harbor and dumped

    If you pick up cigarette butts know you & our children
    are smoking equivalent of a pack of them
    plus each day just breathing

    Clean up Town (wannabe city) Hall
    Time for a new party Greenwich First Party… or too late?
    Tell your Moms the next day to

    GREENWICH TOWN can really be a step to cleaning mere 50 year mess…hey 13 worked out well for Colonies….will his be the Paul Revere type day for TOWN OF GREENWICH?