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Since launching in April 2014, GFP has grown steadily, becoming a force in independent news coverage.

We publish exclusively online. Our circulation is measured in impressions (page views) and unique visitors.

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Google Analytics tells us how many people are on the site and what they are reading in real time, which gives us a good idea of what they are interested in and what they are not interested in.

As of March 17, 2017  Greenwich Free Press reached 275,000 page views a month (last 30 days), with 65,000 unique visitors, all through original content. At GFP we almost never aggregate from other news sources.


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Our goal is to report in the most timely manner, typically with same-day coverage. Each day we pledge a mix of hard news, coverage of local government, slice-of-life surprises and human interest pieces. Our property transfers are updated twice a week.

And while we can’t cover all the news, we promise coverage you won’t find elsewhere. We are often the only source of reporting for Planning & Zoning, Architectural Review Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals and Parks & Rec meetings.

Everything on the site—our articles, events, photos and  videos—are 100% created by our team, and native to GreenwichFreePress.com That is something we have learned to preserve.

GFP spring 2017 interns.

Cardinal Critics, GHS seniors Kai Sherwin, Drew Fuller and Spencer Grabel sample tasty food at Garden Catering on Hamilton Ave in Chickahominy, October 7, 2016

Cardinal Critics, GHS seniors Kai Sherwin, Drew Fuller and Spencer Grabel sample tasty food at Garden Catering on Hamilton Ave in Chickahominy, October 7, 2016

cardinal-critics-logo-2Cardinal Critics
Our intern Kai Sherwin created a team who review local restaurants.So far they have reviewed Garden Catering and Joey B’s. Their next visit is Fleishers.

To request a visit from Cardinal Critics, contact GFP editor Leslie.Yager@gmail.com

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And readers won’t find stories about other towns or cities either.


leslie headshotEditor and Founder Leslie Yager has lived in Greenwich off-and-on since 1979 when her family moved to Lyon Farm in western Greenwich.

For many years, Yager volunteered in Greenwich Public Schools including CMS, GHS and Julian Curtiss, where she served as PTA President when the school was cited for race imbalance and reinvented itself as a magnet school.

Karen SheerContributing Editor, Karen Sheer lives and cooks in Greenwich. She is a professional chef, writer, caterer, photographer and food consultant specializing in original recipes.

Karen’s blog is “A Zest For Life”– Karen’s Obsession with Food and Style. Each of Karen’s recips is inventive, original and well tested. Karen’s recipes are written to give you the feeling she is in the kitchen with you coaching step by step. Health and wellness are her passions. Karen’s recipes promote fresh, local ingredients which lead to a healthier lifestyle!

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